Top Reasons for Using IconExperience Icons

We know there are many icon collections on the web you can choose from. Here you find the top reasons for using the IconExperience icon collections.

Our Collections Contain Only High Quality Icons

Each icon from our collections meets our high quality standards. We do not add low quality icons only to increase the size of our collections.

Our Collections Contain Only Icons of one and the Same Style

You know how important it is to use a consistent icon style on your user interfaces and websites to achieve a harmonic and professional look. When using icons from one of our collections you can rest assured that all icons have the same style.

We do not Artificially Inflate the Number of Icons

In our collections you will not find thousands of useless icon combinations like "chair_warning", "chair_edit_warning", "chair_edit_forbidden" etc., which have no value for our customer. We only include icons that we think our customers will actually find useful.

Our Search Engine Makes Finding the Icons That You Need Fast and Painless

To help you find the icons that you are actually looking for we developed a search engine for our V-, O- and M-Collection. This search engine (that customers can use online or run locally on their computer) saves you a lot of time and effort when designing your user interfaces and websites.

We Offer a Free Toolbox Software

For customers we offer our free Toolbox software that provides an easy way to created combined icons by adding badges to a base icon. This way you can create tens of thousands of combinations based on the icons from our collections.

Our Icons are Designed In-House From Scratch

We have our own designers, and they design each icon from scratch (often starting with creating a 3D model of the displayed object).

We Have Years of Experience

We have been creating professional icons since 2003. Not only does this show our experience in icon design, but you can rely on us being able to deliver high quality products in the future, too.

We are More Than a Website

We are a registered company, we pay taxes and we neither hide our address or nor our names. You may notice that for some competing websites it is next to impossible to find out who is actually running the website and where they are located.
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