FAQ — Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the answers here to many freqently asked questions. Please click on any question to display the answer.

In case you cannot find the answer to your question here, please send an email to support@iconexperience.com.


Can I purchase individual icons?

Unfortunately not. We made the decision to offer our icons in a complete collection, because this way we can offer them at a much lower price per icon.

What payment methods do you accept?

In our online store we accept the following methods of payment:

  • Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard/Eurocard, American Express, Diners Club)
  • Debit cards (Switch, Solo)
  • PayPal
  • Bank/wire transfer
  • Check
How will the icons be delivered?

If you purchase the standard license, you will receive a download link. The link can be used to download the icons within a limited period of time.

Can I buy your products via purchase order?

Registered companies and institutions can buy our products via purchase order through our reseller cleverbridge AG. To place a purchase order please send your official order on a company letterhead and include the following information:

  • The product name and the specific product ID
  • The quantity you wish to order
  • The name the product license will be issued to
  • Your billing address and your delivery address, if different
  • Name, phone and fax number of the contact person for your order
  • The e-mail address to which the order confirmation and invoice should be sent, and your e-mail delivery address, if different
  • Your requested billing currency

Purchase orders should be sent by mail or fax to the cleverbridge Customer Service center.

I need a paper invoice, can I get one?

By default you will receive an invoice as a PDF file, but if you need a paper invoice, this is no problem at all. Simply contact our reseller cleverbridge after your purchase and they will send it to you.

I lost the icons, can I get a new download link?

In order to receive a new download link please send a request including your reference number (you can find this on the invoice from cleverbridge AG) to support@iconexperience.com.

What update or upgrade options do you offer for existing customers?

For information on available upgrade or update options please refer to www.iconexperience.com/upgrade_options .


Is the license limited to a certain number of projects or to a certain time period?

There is no limit for the number of projects and no time limit for the license.

Is the license valid for the whole company or for a single developer?

The license is valid for an entire legal entity, which can be a company, an institution, or a single person. If you purchase a license for a company, the whole company can use the icons according to the license terms.


What is the PNG image format?

PNG (portable network graphics) is an image format that supports translucent colors. This format is supported by the most common image editors and by the Java® and .Net frameworks. Details about this format can be found at www.w3.org/Graphics/PNG.

What is the ICO image format?

The ICO format is used frequently in Windows® applications. Files of the ICO format are similar to a folder which contains several images. Usually one ICO file contains images in different sizes and color resolution of one and the same icon. Details about ICO files can be found here [microsoft.com].

When should I use the PNG files and when the ICO files?

For most situations (application development, Web design) you should use the PNG files. PNG is a very powerful image format which is supported by many platforms and applications.

Probably the only situation where ICO files are needed is when you want to assign an icon to an application, so the user has a nice image to click on to start the application. An ICO file contains several versions of one image (different sizes and color depths), so the application can get the correct image for each situation, like a small image to display the icon in the title bar and a larger image for displaying the icon on the desktop.

How can I convert PNG files to GIF or BMP format?

To convert PNG files to GIF or BMP files, you can use our Toolbox software, which is free for all our customers.

How can the icons be used on Web sites?

To use the icons with the latest versions of the most common Web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera®, Chrome® and Safari®, the PNG files can be directly implemented in Web pages. All these browsers display PNG images with alpha transparency correctly by default.

However, if you need to support Internet Explorer up to version 6, things are unfortunately not that easy, because Internet Explorer did not support PNG files with alpha transparency by default in these earlier versions. PNG images with alpha transparency are displayed with a gray or light blue background instead in these versions of Internet Explorer.

There are basically two options to make the icons display correctly in Internet Explorer 6 and earlier:

  1. (Recommended) Convert the icons to GIF files with transparent background or PNG files with opaque background. This can be done using our free conversion tool, which can be found at the bottom of this page.
  2. It is actually possible to make Internet Explorer display PNG images with alpha transparency correctly by using a little programming in your html code. This is not a very elegant and certainly not a very portable solution, and should only be used by advanced Web designers. Here are some links to Web sites that describe this technique in detail:
How can the icons be used with Microsoft® Visual Studio®?

When using the icons for application development with Visual Studio® you will probably have to convert the icons to BMP files with a "mask color". Although Visual Studio® .NET (version 2003) supports PNG files with alpha transparency on some controls, other controls such as the ImageList control do not support PNGs with alpha transparency.

As mentioned above, we recommend converting the PNG files to BMP files with a mask color. The area filled with the mask color will be made transparent by the ImageList control, provided the same color is defined as mask color on the ImageControl. For converting the images you can use our free conversion tool, which can be found at the bottom of this page.

How can the icons be used with Java® Swing?

Java® Swing fully supports PNG with alpha channel, so using the icons with Java® Swing is very easy. Simply create an ImageIcon and specify the PNG file as the image source. Everything will be handled by Swing.

How can the icons be used with Java® SWT?

SWT does not support PNG files with alpha channels. Therefore you will have to convert the icons to GIF files with transparent background or PNG files with opaque background before using them.

How can the icons be used with Delphi®?

To use the icons with Delphi®, you may have to convert the PNG files to BMP files. Please refer to "Using the Icons with Microsoft® Visual Studio®" for detailed information.