1768 versatile icons in 3 styles

standard style
Google Material
blue style
Microsoft Azure
gradient style
Windows 10 desktop
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The G-Collection icons have a flat and colorful appearance, which feels friendly and professional at the same time. With three different styles the icons can be used almost everywhere, from web pages to classic user interface design, as clip arts or in colorful illustrations.

Standard Style (Google Material)

The Standard style uses the color scheme of Google's new Material Design visual language for web pages and mobile applications. Although the icons are flat, a certain level of depth is achieved through a subtle split shadow effect.

Blue Style (Microsoft Azure)

The Blue style matches the style of Microsoft's Azure platform. A heavy use of blue colors, a split shadow effect and bold contrast colors give the icons vivid and professional look.

Gradient Style (Windows 10)

The slightly desaturated color scheme of the Gradient style matches the colors of the Windows 10 desktop icons. In this style the illusion of depth is achieved through unobstusive gradients and subtle shadows.

Powerful Search Engine

Quickly find the icons you need with the included Icon Search. Feel free to try the online version here.

Practical Toolbox

The G-Collection ships with the Toolbox Software, which offers features like adding badges to create combined icons and converting icons to other file formats.

Friendly License

Easy to understand license terms giving you maximum freedom when using the icons. One license covers a whole company and unlimited projects.

  • company wide license
  • 1768 icons
  • 8 sizes:
    16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256, 512x512 pixels
  • 3 styles:
    Standard (Google Material), Blue (Microsoft Azure) and Gradient (Windows 10 desktop)
  • 3 formats:
    bitmap (.png, .ico) and vector (.svg)
  • search engine
  • toolbox software
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