For customers of our icon collections we provide a software tool called the "Toolbox". It is part of the download package and assists you in many icon-related tasks such as creating your own combined icons, making disabled or hot state versions of icons, or converting icons to BMP or GIF format.

combined icons

Create Combined Icons

Using the combination tool of the Toolbox you can easily create your own combined icons by adding badges such as "add", "delete", "edit" or any other of the more than 50 included badges.

This way you can create more than 140,000 combinations from our base icons. And if you add two or even three badges, the number of possible combinations will be in the millions.

combined icons

Create Disabled or Hot State Versions of PNG Images

Create disabled images to indicate that a certain functionality is not available.

Or create hot state versions of the icons with more intense colors than the original, triggered when the mouse moves over the icon.

icon states

Convert PNG Files to GIF or BMP Files

Our icons are sent in PNG and ICO file format. If you need icons in GIF or BMP file format the Toolbox makes it easy to convert any PNG image to these formats.

Add Background Color

All icons from IconExperience have a transparent background. If you need to set the background color of an icon to match the color of the background on which the icon is displayed the Toolbox provides an easy way to do this.