New Features in our IconExperience V-Collection Version 5.0

In an effort to fill the remaining gaps in our V-Collection we have released another update including several new icons.

Customers who purchased a license for the V-Collection v3.0 or v4.0 (or an update to these licenses) receive the update to v5.0 free of charge. Customers of earlier versions of the V-Collection can purchase the update for only US$99/79€. If you are a customer of the V-Collection and have not received the newsletter containing the update instructions, please contact us for details on the update (please include the reference number of your previous purchase).


126 New Icons

This time the focus of the new icons is on cloud computing, touch input, and keyboard keys. Also some of the most popular request like list icons and icons for generic users were added.

v5.0 new icons

New Features in our IconExperience V-Collection Version 4.0

As promised we are releasing new updates much more frequently. Only one and a half months after version 3.0 we proudly present version 4.0 of our V-Collection product. The latest update adds 100 new icons and all icons in size 512x512.


Each Icon now Available in 512x512 Size

The new version of the V-Collection now contains all 2700+ icons in size 512x512. This is particularly useful for Mac and Android developers and for everybody who uses the icons for print or on high resolution displays.

100 Completely New Icons

Based on customer request and our own ideas we have created 100 completely new icons. Many thanks to all customers who provided feedback to help making the V-Collection even more complete.

v4.0 new icons

Other improvements

We have fixed a few bugs in our Toolbox and added badges for the 512x512 V-Collection icons. Additionally we have slightly improved the icon search by adding new and removing redundant keywords.

New Features in our IconExperience V-Collection Version 3.0

Only a few months after the previous update we have finished the next version of our V-Collection product. It includes many new icons, an updated Toolbox software and some minor improvements.

The update to version 3.0 is free of charge for customers of the "V-Collection v2.0" and the "V-Collections Bundle". If you are a customer of one of these products and have not received the newsletter containing the download link, contact us for the free update (please include the reference number of your previous purchase).


124 Completely New Icons

We have looked through the survey that we conducted with the last update and used the customer feedback to create 124 completely new icons. This makes the V-Collection even more complete and we think it is the most comprehensive icon collection with a consistent design available on the market.

v3.0 new icons

Improved and Updated Toolbox

Our Toolbox software now has a more modern style. We have added badges for the M-Collection and fixed and improved the feature to add custom badges. Finally, the Toolbox now remembers your working directories, which improves user experience dramatically.

v3.0 Toolbox

New Features in our IconExperience V-Collection Version 2.0

After months of hard work our V-Collection version 2.0 has been released. Many new icons have been added, the Web design has been completely overhauled, and we made improvements to our Icon Search and Toolbox. The update to version 2.0 is free of charge for customers of the "V-Collections Bundle".

We will release updates much more frequently in future, so come back often to find out what's new.


150 Brand New Icons Added

Based on requests from our customers we have added 150 completely new icons in various areas including finance, logistics, sports, and many more. All these icons are "base icons", which means they are not simply combination of an existing icon with another icon. All new icons have been created in the same professional style as the original sets, which makes them fit seamlessly into your user interfaces. Here is an overview of the new icons.

v2.0 new icons

The V-Collection, the Consolidated V-Collections

As you may have already noticed, we changed the name from "V-Collections" to "V-Collection" (note the missing "s" at the end). The concept of selling licenses for smaller subsets of our icons (we used to call them "collections"), turned out to be too complicated, because licensees of one subset usually needed icons from other subsets, too. In most cases this was noticed just after the purchase. With our new concept things will become easier, for us and for our customers.

Improved Icon Search

Searching our icons is even more efficient than before. We have added many new keywords and cleaned up the existing keyword set on our Icon Search. Also, when you select an icon, you can now see the keywords that we assigned to the icon. This is very useful for searching related icons and for determining better keywords for future searches.

Better Toolbox

The Toolbox has some new features, such as saving as an ICO file and many new badges. Licensees of the X-Collection will be delighted to hear that we added all badges in the X-Collection design as well.